1) смерть, кончина, конец

By/in the death of this man the world has lost a brilliant poet. — Со смертью этого человека мир потерял блестящего поэта.

Death age comes to us all. — Все мы смертны. /От смерти не уйдешь.

- sudden death
- terrible death
- slow death
- early death
- ignominous death
- spiritual death
- premature death
- heroic death
- civil death
- peaceful death
- living death
- impending death
- brain death
- death blow
- a death certificate
- death sentence
- death angel
- death day
- death grip
- death mask
- death merchant
- death penalty
- death pile
- death roll
- death stab
- death agony
- death cry
- death duty
- death fear
- death knell
- death rate
- death toll
- death's head
- death of her parents
- death from various causes
- death at the hand of assassin
- death by hanging
- question of life and death
- pale as death
- worse than death
- as sure as death
- approach of death
- contempt of death
- throes of death
- punishable with death
- fight to the death
- from birth to death
- day of smb's death
- on one's death bed
- in the hour of death
- carry out a sentence of death
- have a foreboding of death
- die a natural death
- die a peaceful death
- die a violent death
- face an almost certain death
- cause many deaths
- die the death of a hero
- die the death of a dog
- meet one's death
- take smb's death hard
- be beaten to death
- put smb to death
- face death rather than ridicule
- triumph over death
- deliver smb from death
- prepare smb for death
- threaten smb with death
- raise smb from death
- talk smb to death
- sentence smb to death
- fight against death
- end in death
- work smb to death
- work oneself to death
- drink oneself to death
- laugh oneself to death
- freze to death
- be sick to death
- deeply lament the death of smb
- sign a death warrant
- be in the jaws of death
- reduce deaths from cancer
- catch the death of cold
- succeed smb on his death
- confirm smb's death
- avenge smb's death
- hasten one's death
- be at death's door
- feel approaching death
- deserve death
- await death
- defy death
- scorn death
- fear death
- avert death
- welcome death
- challenge death
- narrowly escape death
- accept death with resignation
- court death
- cheat death
- feign death
- look the death in the face
- sound the death knell for smth
- give a death blow
- cling like firm death
2) исчезновение, конец, крушение

The opposition movement died a natural death. — Оппозиция сошла на нет сама по себе.

The withdrawal of a government subsidy was a death blow to the company. — Отказ в государственной субсидии оказался для компании гибельным.

That defeat meant the death of all my hopes. — Это поражение было концом всех моих надежд.

One man's breath is another's death. — Что одному хорошо, то другому смерть.

To look like a death's heed. — (разг.) Краше в гроб кладут. /Выглядеть как смерть.

Death or glory. — На щите или со щитом.

Death pays all debts. — Смерть все примиряет. /Перед смертью все равны. /Смерть все спишет

- shameful death
- miserable death
- death of all our hopes
- death of the customs
- death of a language

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